Retreat (2023)
video installation
in collaboration with Martina Quesada
Glaciers accumulate mass from snowfall and lose it through melting, runoff, and the calving of icebergs. A glacier stays in balance when the amount of snow accumulation matches or exceeds the rate of melt and ablation. However, if snowfall decreases or melt increases, the glacier starts to retreat. Over the past century, global warming has caused most glaciers worldwide to undergo retreat, reflecting a significant trend driven by climate change.
This project involves a simulation featuring two key players: one responsible for the glacier's mass accumulation and the other for its retreat. The simulation was conducted multiple times, and one specific scenario was chosen to accurately reflect the current condition of most glaciers, where the extent of retreat is so significant that the glacier completely disappears.

This work was part of the 'O.' exhibition at Laura O. gallery in Buenos Aires.