Like earth in heaven (2022)
video installation
in collaboration with Martina Quesada​​​​​​​

"Like earth in heaven" delves into the intricate interplay between the human body and its surrounding environment. When the body engages with the space around it, something novel emerges, transcending the boundaries of either entity. This phenomenon, only visible in the form of an electromagnetic field, is commonly referred to as an aura.
The depicted landscape in this piece is a segment of the Southern Patagonian Icefield, situated within the Andes mountain range straddling the borders of Argentina and Chile. Here, the relentless westerly winds deposit snow upon the mountains, gradually compressing it into ice, forming an expansive surface that spans hundreds of kilometers. Satellite data derived from a Digital Elevation Model was employed to sculpt the terrain, while simulations were utilized to synchronize the character's movement with the rugged landscape. Additionally, another simulation was employed to depict the shifting hues of the aura enveloping the character.
The video installation is part of an exhibition presented by A regarder de Près in Paris.