Like earth in heaven (2022)
video installation
in collaboration with Martina Quesada​​​​​​​
'Like earth in heaven' explores the relationship between the human body and its environment. When a body interacts with its surrounding space, something new arises that does not belong to one or the other. Only visible in the form of an electromagnetic field, this is what we usually call an aura.
The topography is part of the Southern Patagonian Icefield located in the Andes mountain range between Argentina and Chile. The westerly winds produce precipitation in the form of snow as they pass over the mountains, which is compacted into ice, forming a dense surface that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. The satellite data from a Digital Elevation Model was used in order to shape the terrain. A simulation was run in order to adapt the character walk to the terrain. Another simulation was used to manifest the changing colored aura surrounding the character.
The video installation is part of an exhibition presented by A regarder de Près in Paris