Aeolo (2023)

Aeolo is an audiovisual work that delves into the exploration of contrasts such as the artificial versus the natural, documentary reality versus emerging fiction, and the battle between autonomy and adherence to strict rules. This project captures the dynamic essence of the wind on an Argentine sea beach, transforming the natural phenomenon into a visual experience through digital processing.
An advanced simulation technique was developed for this particular project, allowing each pixel, endowed with independence, to move in harmony with the real motion captured by the camera. This methodology yields a surprising and unpredictable result: the pixels, acting as particles, transcend the frame's limits, creating a void that prompts reflection on space and motion. This effect not only challenges traditional expectations of moving images but also encourages contemplation on the interaction between digital and natural elements.
Developed within the artistic residency La Zona, located in El Marquesado, Aeolo is the outcome of a creative collaboration under the mentorship of Paula Teller and Romina Elvira. This work represents a unique fusion of technology and art, offering a fresh perspective on the contrasts that define our perception of the world.